A Brent Meersman Review: His Body of Work

Brent Meersman, a man who focuses his writing talents on being a columnist, a co-editor, writing for the likes of the BBC and the London Financial Times and reviewing travel and food alike, continues to build up his body of work with diverse reads that range from interviews to basic reviews.

Brent Meersman Image Courtesy of aerodrome.co.za


The chef’s table at Masala Dosa, a piece on his gastronomic blog Once Bitten, spotlights a restaurant where he tries a new five-course meal. The photographs attached to the blog post takes the reader on the journey of tasting with him – each course is clearly captioned, with a slight emphasis on a few specific dishes. Although the reader is along for the culinary ride, Meersman fails to highlight the look and feel of the restaurant, the ambiance and extra information about the restaurant itself. It is necessary for the writer to appeal to as many of the reader’s senses as possible to make the piece more enjoyable, especially as it is food-related.

First course at Masala Dosa: smoked tomato soup with masala aubergine wafers. Image Courtesy of Once Bitten (http://oncebitten.co.za/)

Keeping with Once Bitten, Looking back on a 150 restaurants reviewed is where Meersman reflects on his travels and the correlation it has to the Cape Town culinary world. The piece consists of way more paragraphs than what it needed, which resulted in the absence of writing flow. The content produced is interesting, but the use of photographs documenting his experiences would have enhanced the piece and made it more appealing to the reader.


For This is Africa, Meersman interviews Nimrod Djangrang Bena in Why do so many African writers leave?

Meersman asks Nimrod all the right questions and the reader immediately gets a feel of what Nimrod is about and the work that he’s done, as written in the lede paragraph.  The use of a photograph helps readers put a “face to a name” which enriches the story and the content. Ending the article off with where one can find Nimrod and his work next, is helpful as it benefits not only the subject but for readers who are interested in what was written and who want to know more.

Nimrod Djangrang Bena Image Courtesy of This is Africa (http://thisisafrica.me/lifestyle/many-african-writers-leave/)


Meersman’s work is diverse and focuses on exciting topics – topics for those who have been bitten by the travel and culinary bug. Although not all of his writing is focused on these two subjects, it is lovely to be able to have access to a food and travel journey from the comfort of your own home.


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