The digital world is constantly evolving, and that includes the likes of sharing your work too. Journalism students are supposed to write as much as they can, gather as much as information as they can and focus on their own writing skills; something that blogging can provide when used the right way.

When a journalism student develops a habit and hobby of blogging, their “brand” and name expands across the world as their content is now on a worldwide platform which in turn, results in an online portfolio. There is nothing more precious in a writer’s life than a portfolio filled with brilliant written work that has been interacted with and is easily accessible for those (especially the important ones) to come across.

With social media and online media taking preference in receiving news, print news has taken a backseat. So, blogging has found a perfect space in the middle of it all for journalists and student journalists to utilise. With blogging comes multimedia, which means student journalists can easily incorporate video and audio clips and data journalism to make their content more appealing and more informative to the audience. The other aspect of blogging is that it’s casual and leaves more room for the writer to write about what is meaningful to them and to be more creative with topics and discussions.

All in all, journalism students should be hopping on the blogging bandwagon as soon as possible, if they haven’t already. The world of blogging is waiting.

[Feature image is from Mashable]


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